Chai Giving Circle
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    Chai Giving Circle

    Each cohort of the Chai Giving Circle is a small group of like-minded individuals who appreciate the importance of giving and the power of combined resources and knowledge. The group pools their charitable donations, engages in social justice learning and philanthropic research together, and collaborates in deciding how to allocate their giving.

    To learn more about and sign up for the upcoming Giving Circle, please contact Michelle Kracoff at [email protected].

    For past cohorts, click here.


    2022–2023 Participants and Funders:

    Host Committee: Madeline Chaleff, Andi Frenkel, Liza Hausman, Lori Krolik, Orli Rinat, Nicole Singer, Shannon Stein

    Julie Arnheim Mimi Ezray Wendy Kaplan Miller Rebecca Shomair
    Vera Baum Catherine Crystal Foster Susan Mirbach Julie Shulman
    Lauren Berman Jennifer Foster Rosita Newman Susan Sims
    Lorraine Brown Jinghan Hao Karen Orzechowski Abigail Sooy
    Cindy Cohan Lori Kaplan Aliza Peleg Emily Wu
    Yudy Deng  Laura Keller Tracy Shedroff  


    A group of 30 community members pooled their charitable donations, expanded their knowledge and collaborated in support of addressing mental health issues here in our area. After learning about the topic, the group researched local organizations doing good work. Ultimately, we granted funds to Ravenswood Family Health Network, NAMI Santa Clara, and El Camino Foundation's MOMS program.


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