Z3 2019: 1 People, 2 Centers, 3 Opinions
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    Z3 2019: 1 People, 2 Centers, 3 Opinions - Live Stream

    Please enjoy live streams from our annual sold-out conference. 


    Live stream from the Seiler Family Gymnasium

    • Opening plenary featuring Tzipi Livni, Joel Chasnoff, Ruth Gavison, Yitz Greenberg, Zack Bodner and more!
    • Jewish Peoplehood; Myth or Memory?
      Speakers: Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis, Professor Noam Pianko, Dr. Sara Hirschhorn
      Conversation Led by: Dr. Tomer Persico
    • Which Promised Land was Moses talking about? From Canaan to California
      Speakers: Ms. Sara Ha’etzni Cohen, Mr. Anshel Peffer, Mr. Bret Stephens
      Conversation Led by: Mr. Herb Keinon
    • Jews as a Majority, Jews as a Minority
      Speakers: Dr. Sara Hirschhorn, Mr. Nerya Knafo and MaNishtana
      Conversation Led by: Mr. Tyler Gregor
    • Closing Plenary: When All is Said and Done featuring Bret Stephens, Matan Zamir, Ruth Gavison, Rabbi Dr. Yitz Greenberg, and Andres Spokoiny


    Live stream from the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall

    • The Anti-Semitism that Binds Us
      Speakers: Professor Adam Ferziger, Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, Ms. Tehila Friedman Conversation
      Conversation led by: Dr. Anita Friedman

    • Together for the Kids?
      Speakers: Former MK Rachel Azaria, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis, Dr. Michael Koplow Conversation
      Conversation led by: Mr. Zvika Klein



    Live stream from the Freidenrich Conference Center

    • Exiles, Émigrés, and EX-Pats, oh my!
      Speakers: Dr. Ruth Calderon, Mr. Yossi Klein Halevi, Mr. Kenneth Bobb
      Conversation led by: Mr. Zvika Klein
    • Minding the Gap
      Speakers: Professor Adam Ferziger, Mr. Uri Keidar, Professor Ruth Gavison
      Conversation led by: Ms. Sue Fishkoff
    • Across the Divide: The Generational Split Over Israel
      Speakers: Dr. Batya Ungar Sargon, Ms. Sara Ha’etzni Cohen, Ms. Noa Landau
      Conversation led by: Dr. Michael Koplow





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