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    Youth and Teen Training

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    Teen Training at the OFJCC is a circuit-based, boot camp-style fitness program for ages 13–16 years. Our goal is to support and encourage exploration of fitness and wellness.

    This program is great for all fitness levels and abilities. Workouts are led by certified Personal Trainers and we will teach participants how to properly warm up for specific types of exercise and how to build a strength training program that is customized to their sport or overall health goals. We will also use play and fun games to build cardiovascular endurance and plyometric skills. Each class will introduce new equipment and techniques so that each student can find their own path to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    Youth Training at the OFJCC is a play-based fitness program for ages 10–12 years. Personal Trainers will introduce various types of exercise concepts and equipment to inspire exploration, movement and fun. A new four-week program is forming now. Please email Bonnie Patrick at [email protected] to request days and times of the week.

    All classes will be held outdoors, with cleaning protocol for equipment. COVID-19 vaccination required for participants over the age of 13. Each group requires a minimum of three participants to be enrolled and we have a six participant maximum. Pre-enrollment is required.

    Free workout trial for all new participants!

    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
      Teen Training
    4:00–4:55 PM
    Sam Woodbury
      Teen Training
    4:00–4:55 PM
    Sam Woodbury

    April Youth and Teen Training programs forming now! Please contact Bonnie Patrick to request days and times for class.


    General Public Monthly Fee: $360
    Members Monthly Fee: $160
    Members Drop-in Fee: $40 per workout

    Please contact Bonnie Patrick at [email protected] or call (650) 223-8719 to enroll.


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