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    LEAP Year Program: Learning. Experience. Action. Peoplehood.

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    LEAP is a life-changing ten-month experience: be truly immersed in Israeli society and culture; learn in a unique secular Jewish style; engage in impactful, hands-on social action in south Tel Aviv and Palo Alto; explore Jewish peoplehood with Israeli and international peers. LEAP combines BINA's expertise in running gap years with the OFJCC's innovative and forward-thinking perspective on American Judaism.

    LEAP includes:

    • Nine months at BINA's campus in Tel Aviv
    • One unique month in Silicon Valley, California
    Nine months in Tel Aviv, Israel includes:
    • Learning with Israel's best Jewish educators and change makers
    • Participating in social change activities of your choice
    • Taking trips, day tours and excursions throughout Israel
    • Designing Shabbat and holiday celebrations with your group
    • Being part of an English speaking group while immersing in Israeli society with Israeli peers
    • Developing leadership skills
    Travel with your Israeli peers to the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto to expand your exploration of Jewish peoplehood; familiarize yourself with Jewish innovation in the heart of the Bay Area, where the 21st century is being born; and deepen your learning and volunteering.

    One month in the San Francisco Bay Area includes:
    • Learning with Bay Area Jewish educators
    • Meeting leading innovators
    • Volunteering in local areas of need
    • Cultural outings in the Bay Area
    • Activities with OFJCC youth programs
    • Site visits to local Jewish organizations for guest lectures
    • Site visits to the headquarters of global technology companies 
    • Group bonding activities
    • Shabbat dinners
    For more information and the application, click here.

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