Bina: Study
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    Bina: Study

    We are offering several opportunities for Jewish learning at the OFJCC.

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCCThere are adult learning classes on Wednesday nights from 7:30–9:00 PM, as well as additional opportunities for other types of learning throughout the week. Please check the calendar for more information, or email Zoe Jick at [email protected].

    No background necessary; curiosity required.

    All of the BINA classes are pluralistic, egalitarian and open-minded. We welcome learners of all backgrounds, and enjoy the diversity of opinions that congregate in our learning space. All perspectives are welcome, so long as they are tolerant of other perspectives. Our approach to Jewish learning is inspired by Israeli secular Jewish text study. By secular, we mean an approach, not a description of belief. The approach of "secular text study" is based on the idea that Jewish texts can be meaningful to anyone interested in Jewish tradition, no matter one's own practice or belief.

    We strive to teach Jewish text without a feeling of commanded-ness, obligation or normativity. Secular Jewish text study engages with these texts with an interest in how they speak to the evolution of Jewish life, as well as with the aim to maintain these texts' relevance to today's Jewish communities.

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