Bina: Action
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    Bina: Action

    BINA will be providing various opportunities for Palo Alto community members to participate in meaningful, local social action work. 

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCCBINA's projects at the OFJCC aim to live out the Mishnaic saying "gadol talmud she'hatalmud mevi lidei ma'ase"—great is study when study leads to action. We firmly believe in the importance of both Jewish learning and meaningful social action, and we see the integration of study and action as central to our Jewish lives. As we understand it, our study compels us to act, and brings us to act in more effective ways. And then, crucially, our social activism enriches and shapes our study and expression of Jewish culture. This cycle of learning and action ensures that Judaism remains relevant to the challenges and conditions of our ever-changing world.

    BINA's social action work in Palo Alto will be enacted together with local leaders and grassroots organizations. Our goal is the furthering of efforts for sustainable solutions to local need. Working together with the OFJCC's Center for Social Impact, BINA's social action projects in Palo Alto might include work in local schools or NGOs in the fields of: education, at-risk youth, elderly, anti-poverty, food security, environment, coexistence, health, LGBTQ, women, disability/difference, migration and refugees, and others. Our coordinators will provide ongoing supervision and support throughout this process.

    We see social action as an integral part of our Jewish lives, and it should therefore also remain a significant component of BINA's offerings at the OFJCC. All of our projects aspire to provide participants the opportunity not only to "give," but also to learn and grow.

    If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please email [email protected].

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