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    BINA: Study. Action. Community.

    The Oshman Family JCC and BINA

    The OFJCC is proud to announce a joint partnership with Jewish Movement for Social Change (BINA), an Israeli nonprofit that founded a network of secular yeshivas in Israel, to present Jewish programming in Palo Alto.

    The OFJCC and BINA share an understanding that Jewish experiences based on the interaction between Jewish learning and social action are often the most meaningful way to create personal meaning, build community and contribute to social change. The OFJCC and BINA's partnership will create a variety of programs that speak to this shared understanding, and reflect the two organizations' values of social activism, Jewish learning and community building.



    LEAP Year Program: Learning. Experience. Action. Peoplehood.
    A life-changing ten-month experience where teens are immersed in Israeli society and culture; learn in a unique secular Jewish style; engage in impactful, hands-on social action in south Tel Aviv and Palo Alto; and explore Jewish peoplehood with Israeli and international peers. For more information click here.


    About BINA: 

    BINA combines Jewish learning, social action and community building, through cultural, social and educational programs that reach over 50,000 Israelis and Jews from all over the world every year. BINA strives to strengthen Israel as a democratic pluralistic society, to reinvigorate Jewish culture, and to express the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam ("repair of the world"). BINA emphasizes Jewish learning that leads to social action.


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