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    Silicon Valley Community Trip to Israel

    The trip has been postponed until Summer 2023.

    OFJCC Palo Alto

    We welcome you to Israel!

    Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner or with your family we invite you to discover and experience this incredible country. The program has been developed to give you the opportunity to be a part of the wider Silicon Valley community and also to OFJCC Silicon Valley Community Trip to Israelexperience program tracks according to your interests. Our time together will be devoted not only to getting to know this land, but also to having many personal encounters that will tie us to its unique communities. We will spend time with our own families and be welcomed as part of the larger Israeli family as well.

    Following an introduction to each day for the whole group we will offer parallel tracks according to interest groups. The tracks will give you an opportunity to delve more deeply into your subject of choice. The number of tracks offered will be dependent on the size of the group.

    Examples of our tracks are:

    Family Fun:

    • Explore Tel Aviv on a scavenger hunt and experience the world-renowned 'Dialogue in the Dark' exhibit at the Holon Children's Museum
    • Kayak on the Jordan River, ride camels through the Judean desert and laugh in Jerusalem's Old City on an acting tour
    • Experience ancient Israel's secrets at Kfar Kedem, reconstructing life at the time of the Mishnah in hands-on workshops in wool making, sheep herding and bread baking

    History and Archaeology:

    • Touch the past and uncover layers of history on an archaeological tour of Jerusalem's Old City and marvel at the mosaics at the ruins of Tzippori, the seat of Jewish leadership in antiquity
    • Visit the Trumpledor cemetery to hear the voices of Tel Aviv's Zionist founders, as well as those of contemporary leaders in Israel's Knesset
    • Explore the military history and borders of Israel by jeep in the Golan Heights, and climb the legendary fortress of Masada

    Arts and Culture:

    • OFJCC Palo AltoExperience vitality, inspiration and the energy of the music and percussion ensemble Mayumana at their active workshop in Jaffa
    • Meet top Israeli fashion designer Sharon Tal at the revived Maskit fashion house, the icon of Israeli fashion
    • Read the writing on the walls of Tel Aviv's Florentine neighborhood on a colorful and sassy graffiti tour
    • Hear about the evolvement of modern Israeli art from rising artists at the Tel Aviv Art Museum 
    • Discover the Old City of Jerusalem through the lens of a camera in the framework of a photography workshop 

    Culinary Arts: 

    • Taste the splendors of Tel Aviv's and Jerusalem's markets on culinary tours led by Israel's top chefs
    • Wine and dine in a variety of different restaurants and wineries
    • Participate in a hands-on culinary workshop and learn to make authentic Israeli dishes

    Contemporary Voices and Israel in the 21st Century: 

    • Engage in dialogue with a wide array of hi-tech entrepreneurs building the "Start-Up Nation" and bridging Israeli society
    • Meet with members of a kibbutz to understand how pioneering ideals have evolved
    • Receive an insider's update about current issues on Israel's agenda
    • Be inspired by social justice initiatives in Israel and have an opportunity to volunteer


    • Celebrate Shabbat as a community
    • Engage in Jewish learning
    • Experience Jerusalem's pastoral quiet on a neighborhood walking tour 

    Trip Chairs: Reina and Alex Rampell and Rachael and David Rosenberg
    Trip Dates: Summer 2023
    For more information, contact: Luba Palant | (650) 223-8656 | [email protected]

    This trip is presented in partnership with Peninsula Jewish Community Center,  Jewish Silicon Valley and JCCA Center for Israel Engagement.


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