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    Grow Together

    Grow Together is a unique compilation of programs that create opportunities for young families to connect safely, build community and foster feelings of inclusivity and belonging. These programs are made possible by a generous grant from the Jewish Ecosystem—Engagement/COVID Fund at the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC Programs in English:
    Family Engagement is designed to support families, foster a deep and rich sense of community, and provide opportunities for children and families to learn, grow and build strong connections through various programs.

    Family Engagement Programs:
    • A wide variety of lectures and workshops to prepare and help parents throughout their parenthood journey. For example: fertility, prenatal preparedness, healthy household communication, baby sleep training, nutrition and more.
    • On-going group activities for families and expectant families. For example: baby sign language, baby massage, music and movement, family hiking, trips to the farm to harvest, family cooking, kite flying and bike riding.
    • Shabbat and holiday celebrations. For example: pop-up Shabbats, Rosh Hashanah gatherings in the park, Sukkot and Passover festivals, Hanukkah candle lighting, Purim parties and much more.
    • Opportunities to give back. For example: food and clothing drives, creek clean-ups, tree planting, lunches for children in need, and Mitzvah Day, just to name a few!
    Programs in Hebrew:
    Libi, The Center for Your Growing Family, is designed to enrich and support families in Silicon Valley throughout their childbearing years—from pregnancy to childbirth preparation and all the way through the first parenting years. One of the key focus areas for Libi is the creation of micro-communities among participants in the various programs.

    Libi Programs:
    • A wide variety of lectures and workshops to help moms prepare for their labor experience and begin the life-long experience of parenting with confidence. For example: infant development, baby nutrition, birth stories, raising happy children, baby sleep training, healthy communication with your child, moms and carrier, styling for moms, etc.
    • On-going group activities for expectant couples and new moms and dads. For example: moms' talk group, infant development workshop, baby shiatsu, baby massage, sign language, baby classic (music and movement), music and movement for toddlers, parenting workshop (Adler), etc.
    • Mom2Mom: A special community program connecting new and not-so-new moms from our community. Our volunteer moms are there for new moms to lend an ear, share life experiences, reminisce on those sleepless nights and gas pains, perhaps make a secret remedy only moms know, and share thoughts and concerns so typical of this complex phase.
    • A closed play area for the little ones to play while parents can make friendships and support each other.
    • Libi Club: A membership program, providing free passes to many programs and events.

    English Facilitator: Tamara Thiel Prizant, BA Cultural Anthropology, Director of Family Engagement

    Hebrew Facilitator: Gali Beck, MSW in Group Therapy, Head of Libi Center


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