Jewish Repertory Theatre Staged Reading: "Beau Jest"
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    Jewish Repertory Theatre Staged Reading: "Beau Jest"

    When: March 11ā€“31, 2021

    Where: Online

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    The OFJCC is proud to present the Jewish Repertory Theatre of Western New York's 18th season, a selection of five staged readings, performed on the JRT stage and seen, through the magic of video, wherever audiences choose to enjoy.

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    "Like everyone in the performing arts community, we want to see people in our theatre soon," said Saul Elkin, Artistic Director and co-founder of the Jewish Repertory Theatre of Western New York. "In the meantime, we hope our audiences will join us online as we offer professional video productions of the type of plays people have come to expect from our theatre."

    JRT is teaming up with Full Circle Studios, a Buffalo video production company that specializes in making on-screen arts experiences engaging and exciting. In addition to the five play performances available to subscribers and ticket holders, November 2020–March 2021, JRT will present video shorts with directors, playwrights and actors on social media sites, inviting audiences to gain insights about the plays before they are released.

    Each play will be available for 21 days. Unique links to the online video performances will be sent to subscribers and ticket holders shortly before "opening nights."

    Jewish Repertory Theatre's 18th season will include: 

    • Bar Mitzvah Boy by Mark Leiren-Young
      November 5–25, 2020
      A non-observant Jewish grandfather/successful divorce attorney decides he needs to have a Bar Mitzvah ASAP and finds his faith during study with a Rabbi who seems to be losing hers. A heartfelt comedy/drama that explores faith, religion and what it means to be part of a community.

    • Holiday Shorts by Hank Kimmel
      December 10–30, 2020
      In a new series of hilarious Woody-Allen-esque short plays, Atlanta playwright Hank Kimmel delights with a new set of offbeat, comic 10-minute plays featuring themes of the holiday season.

    • The Year My Mother Came Back by Alice Eve Cohen
      February 4–24, 2021
      Thirty years after her death, Alice's mother appears during the hardest year Alice has had to face. She learns that she must walk in her mother's shoes in order to understand her, forgive her and rediscover her love for her. In this story of a parent lost and found, Alice finds her mother and rediscovers herself. A love story. A ghost story. A contemporary tale that reaches back through generations.

    • Beau Jest by James Sherman
      March 11–31, 2021
      What's a nice Jewish girl to do when her parents expect her to marry a nice Jewish doctor even though she's already in love with another man? Hiring an actor to play her imaginary beau in front of the family seemed like a good idea until the charade is a little too successful and the "hired" boyfriend begins to capture her heart.

    • Exquisite Potential by Stephen Kaplan
      April 8–28, 2021
      All parents think their children are brilliant. Alan Zuckerman just happens to think his three-year-old son, David, is the Messiah. Thirty years ago, Alan and his wife, Laura, visited their rabbi to verify David's possible divine nature. Thirty years later, everyone older and wiser, it appears that dad might have been onto something.

    "It is our hope that through continued theatre we will help bring people together and revive spirits," says David Bunis, JRT producer and co-founder. "We are motivated by a belief that dramatic arts offer a unique opportunity to connect with people and we are looking forward to our 18th season of sharing Jewish culture."

    All productions will be professionally produced and video recorded in The Maxine and Robert Seller Theatre, JCC Benderson Family Building at 2640 North Forest Road, Amherst, New York.

    March 11–31, 2021
    $80 Season Subscription for Five Plays | $20 Per Play
    Contact: Luba Palant | [email protected]

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