"Here All Along" | An Evening with Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz
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    "Here All Along" | An Evening with Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz

    When: Monday, 9/23/2019 7:30 PM

    Where: Freidenrich Conference Center (Bldg F) 4th Floor

    OFJCC Palo Alto

    In Here All Along, a renowned political speechwriter rediscovers Judaism, finding timeless wisdom and spiritual connection in its age-old practices and traditions. After a decade as a political speechwriter, serving as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama, a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama and chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton on her 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah Hurwitz decided to apply her skills as a communicator to writing a book... about Judaism. And no one is more surprised than she is.

    Hurwitz was the quintessential lapsed Jew—until, at age 36, after a tough breakup, she happened upon an advertisement for an introductory class on Judaism. She attended on a whim, but was blown away by what she found—beautiful rituals, helpful guidance on living an ethical life, conceptions of God beyond the judgy bearded man in the sky—none of which she had learned in Hebrew school or during the two synagogue services she grudgingly attended each year.

    That class led to a years-long journey during which Hurwitz visited the offices of rabbis, attended Jewish meditation retreats, sat at the Shabbat tables of Orthodox families and read hundreds of books about Judaism, all in dogged pursuit of answers to her biggest questions. What she found transformed her life, and she wondered: How could there be such a gap between the richness of what Judaism offers and the way so many Jews like her understand and experience it?

    Hurwitz is on a mission to close this gap by sharing the profound insights she discovered on everything from Jewish holidays, ethics and prayer to Jewish conceptions of God, death and social justice. In this entertaining and accessible book, she shows us why Judaism matters and how its message is more relevant than ever, and she inspires Jews to do the learning, questioning and debating required to make this religion their own.

    OFJCC Palo AltoFrom 2009 to 2017, Sarah Hurwitz served as a White House speechwriter, first as a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama and then as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama. Hurwitz worked with Mrs. Obama to craft widely-acclaimed addresses and traveled with her across America and to five continents. Prior to serving in the Obama Administration, Hurwitz was the chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton on her 2008 presidential campaign. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. 

    "Searching for meaning in the ancient scripture and traditions of Judaism, Sarah Hurwitz takes us along on an enriching journey of discovery. In Here All Along, she explores her birthright as a Jew and finds timeless and valuable life lessons." ~David Axelrod, director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and former senior advisor to President Barack Obama

    "Sarah Hurwitz was Michelle Obama's head speechwriter, and with this book she becomes Judaism's speechwriter." ~Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take and Originals

    Sponsored in part by the Laura and Gary Lauder Family Venture Philanthropic Fund


    Monday, September 23
    7:30 PM
    Freidenrich Conference Center, Room F-401
    $32 Ticket and Book Bundle 
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