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    Baby Sign Language

    Jump-start your child's verbal language! | Playgroup Zoom Series

    When: Friday, 11/22/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Where: Hedy Lamarr Studio (Bldg L) Room L-111, Town Square


    Please feel free to join at any time! Pro-rated tickets are available.

    Please note that the start time is now 10:00 AM.

    Baby Sign Language gives babies the opportunity to communicate long before they can verbalize their wants and needs. Signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration, enhances a child's self esteem and deepens the bond between parent and child.

    About the workshop:
    Six weekly one-hour classes for parents of babies birth to 18 months old.

    Our playgroup series is a fun way to build your signing vocabulary and skills with themes like mealtime, animals, colors, family, bedtime and more.

    We've split twelve sessions into two different six-class series. One is called Playgroup Boom and the other is Playgroup Zoom. No need to take them in order; you can start with either Boom or Zoom. Both series include the essential basic starter signs and vary in more advanced vocabulary. Shortly after your first six-day series you'll be thrilled to see your baby start to sign. That's the time to enroll in the second series to increase your baby's vocabulary and your own signing confidence!

    About the program:
    Happy Baby Signs has been providing baby sign language workshops around the greater Bay Area since 2005. They have taught more than 13,000 Bay Area parents how to sign with their babies. Locations include the PJCC, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Dignity Health, Stanford WorkLife, Sprout-SF, Carmel Blue-SF, Blossom Birth Services, multiple Bay Area libraries and more than 30 other locations.

    The program is founded on more than four decades of evidence-based research and uses American Sign Language (ASL). They feel that teaching ASL to the hearing population nourishes a more inclusive community. Our classes are a fun-filled way to teach parents how to introduce sign language into their baby's everyday routines through songs and interactive activities.        

    About Bill White:
    Bill White is the director of Happy Baby Signs, and co-author with Kathleen Harper, of the internationally best-selling book, Signs of a Happy Baby. He facilitates baby sign language programs at Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Sutter Health, DayOne Baby, Harmony Birth and Family, Blossom Birth Services, Stanford WorkLife, Cisco Systems, Children's Creative Learning Centers, Genentech, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Healthy Horizons and many other locations. Bill is passionate about the benefits of signing with babies and is the proud father of two hearing sons who both sign.

    Bill received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psycho-biology from University of California, Santa Cruz. In addition to teaching sign language courses, he has worked as a commercial print and hand model. He has had 25 years of dance training and taught dance classes locally to children and adults. He worked as Director of Operations for Kidsfaire for five years and has been the Fashion Show Director and choreographer for Modern Bridal Productions since 1995.

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    אמהות ואבות, ביל וייט חוזר אלינו עם סדנה חדשה של שפת הסימנים לתינוקות. הצטרפו לסדנה בת ששה מפגשים שהיא חובה לכל הורה ותינוק! בואו להכיר ולפתוח ערוץ חדש ונוסף לתקשורת עם תינוקכם עוד לפני שהוציא מילה אחת מפיו. הסדנה מיועדת לאמהות ואבות עם תינוקות עד גיל זחילה (כן, הזדמנות גם לפעילות איכותית עם הבייבי לאבות שנמצאים עם התינוק/ת בבית) שרוצים להחשף בפעם הראשונה לשיטה המיוחדת הזו וגם למי שהשתתף בסדנה הקודמת.

    Fridays, October 18–November 22
    10:00 AM–11:00 AM
    Room L-111, Town Square
    Contact: Gali Beck | (650) 223-8691 | [email protected] 
    Or Tamara Thiel Prizant | (650)-223-8750 | [email protected]



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