Holistic Succulent Workshop
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    Holistic Succulent Workshop

    CANCELLED | In Partnership with Blossom Birth

    When: Sunday, February 4, 2:30–4:00 PM; Sunday, February 25 | 2:00–4:00 PM

    Where: Jeff Center for Families (Bldg. G) G-106

    Please note: The Sunday, March 17 session has been cancelled.

    If you had purchased tickets of the March 17 session, a refund has been processed. Please email us with any questions at [email protected].


    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC Are you a soon-to-be mom or navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood? Come join our Holistic Succulent Workshop, specially designed for pregnant and new moms!

    Discover the soothing world of succulents while taking care of your well-being during this transformative journey of motherhood. Our workshop is thoughtfully put together to give you a relaxing experience that combines the joy of succulent gardening with mindful self-care.

    ​About the Workshop:

    • Get cozy with Succulents: We'll teach you the basics of succulent care, a bit like looking after a new baby—but with fewer sleepless nights!
    • Zen Moments: We'll get our Zen on with some mindfulness exercises that help you relax and stay calm during pregnancy and early motherhood.
    • Let Your Creativity Flow: It's time to let loose and show your creative side. Design your very own succulent arrangement that tells your unique journey and style.
    • Mom Squad and Support: Hang out with fellow pregnant and new moms. Share stories, swap tips and create a tight-knit network during this amazing phase of life.
    • Green and Clean: Dive into eco-friendly gardening practices, because we care about the planet we're leaving for our little ones.

    Why You Should Join:

    • Pamper Yourself: Take a timeout from the craziness of pregnancy and early motherhood. It's time for some self-care and relaxation.
    • Build Connections: Make friends with other awesome moms and bond over your shared experiences.
    • Nurture Yourself and Your Baby: Discover how succulent gardening and mindfulness can work wonders for your well-being, and your baby's too.
    • Unleash Your Inner Artist: Reawaken your creative spirit as you craft a stunning succulent arrangement to cherish for years to come.

    What to Bring:

    • Just your enthusiasm and a willingness to explore the world of succulents and self-care.
    All materials, including succulents and containers, will be provided!​


    ​ If you have questions about this class, please email: [email protected]

    In partnership With Blossom Birth

    For expectant and new moms
    Sunday, February 4
    2:30–4:00 PM
    Sunday, February 25
    2:00–4:00 PM
    Each is a single class
    $50 per class
    Contact: Blossom Birth Front Desk | (650) 321-2326 | [email protected]





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