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    The Writings | Six-Class Series

    A Free Online Series - Part of "Judaism: The New Basics"

    When: Wednesday, 4/22/2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Where: Online

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    The Jewish Bible is comprised of three sections—the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. In this six-part learning series, we will explore the third and final section, "The Writings." 

    Some of The Writings might be familiar to youPsalms, Proverbs, Esther, Job. But some are more obscure to usLamentation, Ezra, Ecclesiastes. This course will provide an overview of them all. 

    There isn't much coherence to the miscellaneous books of The Writings, and this is exactly what makes this section of the Bible particularly interesting! As we learn The Writings together, this six-part course will help us understand the variety of types of literature that were included in the Bible. Perhaps we can even uncover the meaning behind the Bible's multi-vocality and many perspectives. 

    • April 22: Introduction to the Writings | Facilitated by Zoe Jick Join by Zoom
    • April 29: The Book of Esther | Facilitated by Tova Birnbaum Join by Zoom
    • May 6: Song of Songs | Facilitated by Zoe Jick Join by Zoom
    • May 13: The Book of Ezra | Facilitated by Tova Birnbaum Join by Zoom
    • May 20: The Proverbs| Facilitated by Rabbi Amitai Fraiman Join by Zoom
    • May 27: The Book of Ruth | Facilitated by Zoe Jick Join by Zoom

    Wednesdays, April 22–May 27 | Six sessions
    7:00–8:00 PM
    Online at the Virtual OFJCC
    Contact: Zoe Jick | (650) 223-8756 | [email protected]

    This program is offered through a partnership between the Oshman Family JCC and BINA, an Israeli nonprofit that combines Jewish learning, social action and community building. BINA’s international programs include opportunities to live, study, explore, teach and volunteer in Israel. To sign up for updates directly from BINA, visit www.paloaltojcc.org/Jewish-Life/Bina/Contact

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC


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