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    Beged Kefet Hebrew Language School: Who We Are

    לעברית, לחצו כאן

    The Beged Kefet Vision

    Beged Kefet* is a community school where students are taught the Hebrew language. Classes are immersed in Israeli culture and incorporate lessons about Jewish holidays. Beged Kefet was created by the community and encourages their involvement and participation. The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive. 

    The Beged Kefet community aspires to lead and excel in teaching the Hebrew language and instilling Jewish-Israeli-American values. The curriculum is based upon the richness and variety of the Jewish/Israeli culture, while deepening one's connection with Israel. The school administration and teaching staff view teaching as a mission and are committed to new ideas, creativity and professionalism.

    *The name "Beged Kefet" comes from the six Hebrew letters that are emphasized (or in Hebrew, get a dagesh) when they appear at the beginning of a Hebrew word or syllable.

    Who We Are

    ICC@OFJCCBeged Kefet* is where your child will understand and speak Hebrew, meet with other Hebrew-speaking children and be exposed to and experience Israeli culture and Jewish holidays. Our school is a place for the whole family; parents and siblings take an active role in classroom celebrations and school-wide events. Beged Kefet is a home for the Israeli community and it strives to be more than just a school for learning Hebrew language skills.

    What will your child get at Beged Kefet?

    • Learn all four skills in the Hebrew language through content that includes Israeli and Jewish culture
    • Diverse experiential learning—through literature, movies, current events, cultural activities and the use of different media tools to enrich knowledge and communication skills in Hebrew
    • A social-cultural-educational environment for Jewish and Israeli teens, with the opportunity to enjoy the many rich activities offered by the OFJCC
    • Small classroom size; a warm and welcoming environment; personal attention and modification of the curriculum according to the student's personal progress; certified and experienced teachers

    Please contact us by email at [email protected] with any questions or concerns that you might have.


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