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    Beged Kefet Hebrew School: Hadracha Program

    לעברית, לחצו כאן

    OFJCC Work Experience | Compensation | Gym | Teaching and Learning Hebrew | Leadership

    Welcome to our prestigious Beged Kefet Hadracha Program. Throughout the school year, we will recruit high school students to join our elementary class teachers' team as mini-teachers. The Madrichim/ot will experience working with and helping the teachers, as well as mentoring the younger students in a one-on-one setting. 

    In our eyes, these Madrichim/ot are the young leaders of our community and we hope they will become role models to younger Hebrew learners. 

    Working with Beged Kefet will help them develop a set of skills: presentation skills, organization, planning and much more. It is also a unique opportunity to work for the OFJCC and earn experience that will come into use when applying for college.
    The application process includes: 

    • Filling out the forms
    • An interview
    • Recommendations submission
    • Background check and fingerprinting (SSN needed)

    Preliminary requirements:

    • Be a registered Beged Kefet high school student
    • High verbal and written expression in Hebrew
    • Ability to express and share the student's own story 
    • Previous experience working with or teaching young kids
    • Desire to take a leadership role in Beged Kefet 
    • Motivation to distribute the Hebrew language and be a role model for young students
    • Team player 
    • Committed and punctual

    Compensation: The Madrichim/ot will be paid per teaching hour, or gain community service credit. 

    In order to apply please download the form below, print it, fill it out and email a scanned copy to: [email protected].

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