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    Beged Kefet Hebrew School: Preschool & Elementary School Classes

    לעברית, לחצו כאן

    The Beged Kefet Hebrew language school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Beged Kefet is an afterschool program for children in grades K–12 that teaches the modern, spoken Hebrew language and Israeli culture in a fun and engaging way. Students begin their journey to learn Hebrew in Kitat Gan of Beged Kefet, which is the equivalent to kindergarten.

    Over the next two years, in Kita Alef and Bet, first and second graders will learn to read and write. In third through fifth grade, students will continue to develop and strengthen their skills and knowledge in three main areas:
    • Hebrew: Strengthening and improving Hebrew in all four language skills—reading, writing, speaking and understanding—through experiential and diverse learning of content related to Israeli and Jewish culture. The curriculum is current and we carefully select textbooks and digital instructional materials while consulting and collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Education.

    • Heritage: Engaging in history, culture, customs and values ​​connected to Israel and the Jewish world through literature, cultural events, media, arts, holiday celebrations and more.

    • Community: Beged Kefet strengthens the Israeli and Jewish communities through organizing holiday events and family celebrations while integrating curriculum content into these events. We believe that Beged Kefet is an important center that strengthens and allows our children to experience Israeli and Jewish culture while preserving and improving their Hebrew language skills.

    Each class in the elementary grades meets once a week for an hour-and-a-half. More details about each class can be found in the links on this page. The schedule for each class appears on the relevant Locations page. Information on fees and tuition can be found on the Registration Guidelines page.

    For any questions please contact us at [email protected].


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