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    Beged Kefet Hebrew Language School: Planning for Distance Learning

    לעברית, לחצו כאן

    Planning for Distance Learning

    The Beged Kefet team is committed to teaching Hebrew at the finest level, committed to our students, and committed to our community—during times of both routine and challenge. In times of uncertainty that require quick adaptation to the frequently-changing environment, we are here to provide the best response to the school community.

    Together with the experienced team of teachers, professional experts in Hebrew instruction and online learning and in collaboration with the school's parent community, we are proud to present Beged Kefet's distance learning program for the upcoming school year. The distance learning program, like the frontal program, is based on the school's goal: to teach and improve the Hebrew language knowledge in all four skills—reading, writing, talking and comprehension. In addition to Hebrew teaching, Israeli and Jewish culture, holidays and traditions are emphasized as part of the distance learning program.

    Our goal is to ensure students' continuity of learning and progress and to enable new students to join the classrooms during this time as well. The school's staff has experience accumulated over three months of online teaching as well as 11 years of experience in the classrooms. Our staff has been making great efforts to enhance its digital teaching skills to ensure the best learning experience for our students. Based on research and the accumulated experience, we made changes to the structure and plan of the lessons and changed the methodologies according to the different age groups. The online program allows us to create a more advanced, diversified and rich learning environment for our students.

    Along with our academic commitment, we have also created options for social meetings for the school community to support the school's program and to celebrate special events on the Jewish calendar. These meetings and events will take place according to the health authorities' updated guidelines.

    We are proud of the school community and believe it has a crucial role in supporting and enhancing the process in the classroom, and that, together with local and beloved teachers, it creates an experience that is way beyond language instruction. The communal component guides us in every part of the school activity, as well as in implementing the distance learning program.

    Please contact us by email at [email protected] with any questions or concerns that you might have.


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