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    About the Project

    The Pavilion & Park Project: Our New Community Commons


    We are excited to begin our OFJCC Pavilion and Park Project, creating both a new, open green space for the entire community to enjoy as well as a multipurpose activity center for celebrations and gatherings. These new facilities will enable us to give Palo Alto a beautiful new environment for recreation, sports and camps, outdoor events, social activities and space for meetings and conferences.

    Below, you'll find more information about the project. If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected].


    About the Project  

    Building the Pavilion and Park is the final piece of the original master plan for our beautiful Taube Koret Campus. For eight years, we have had a chain link fence marking the area where the campus podium wasn't finished. This is the location for the long-planned pavilion building and park/field that will give our community more open green space, more play areas and more meeting spaces for programs ranging from outdoor sports to movies and performances to community celebrations. Now, after eight years and thanks to generous gifts from our community, we can finally complete the campus as originally approved by the City of Palo Alto.


    Project Funding

    No money from tuition, membership dues or program fees is being used for the construction of the Pavilion and Park. Generous donors in our community are supporting the majority of the cost of the project. However, we are continuing to raise funds. There are still great opportunities to contribute to the project and be part of its launch. For more information, contact Seth Leslie at [email protected]


    The Pavilion  

    The Pavilion will be a two-story activity center that faces onto the Park. With glass doors on both the terrace and ground level facing onto the field, there will be easy indoor/outdoor access. The space is designed to meet multiple purposes—everything from meetings to weddings to art classes and more. See Drawings


    The Park

    The Park will be about one-half acre. It will be used for outdoor activities and sports, including as a field for youth soccer with dimensions of about 75% of FIFA regulations. The grassy surface will be a plush AstroTurf that's perfect for both sports and picnicking. Surrounding the field will be attractive landscaping, including new trees, local plants and grasses, seating areas and an inviting fire pit at the far end of the field. See Drawings


    A Community Resource

    The Pavilion and Park are designed not only to provide additional outdoor and event spaces for OFJCC programs, but also to be open to the public to use and enjoy. There will also be many community-wide events held here, ranging from summer movie nights to holiday celebrations, fairs and festivals.

    The new facilities will also be available to the community for private rentals for business or social events. For rental information, please contact [email protected].



    Construction will take about one year. We are starting in summer 2017 so that we can take advantage of the dry weather to complete this work as fast as possible.

    We are working closely with the construction company to make sure hours of construction comply with all regulations, and noise and dust are kept to a minimum.



    During construction, the open air parking lot will be temporarily unavailable, but we have arranged for additional parking spaces in the covered parking lots for members and guests. Signs in the garage show the changes. We have also added more parking attendants and longer hours of valet service. As always, valet service is free and no tips are accepted.

    For programs that have customarily had drop-off in the open air parking lot, we have developed safe alternatives for drop-off and pick-up during construction. Parents will receive instructions before sessions start.


    Stay Up to Date!

    We will post updates at www.paloaltojcc.org/campusupdates and send out regular emails.

    If you are not already on our mailing list, visit www.paloaltojcc.org/subscribe and select "Campus Updates."

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