• Outdoor Fitness now open. Many on-campus programs still suspended-see paloaltojcc.org/StayHealthy
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    Free Drop-In Classes

    The following classes are FREE for Members unless otherwise noted. General Public and J-pass holders must purchase a Guest Day Pass.

    The schedule changes monthly and may include some or all of the following classes. For the current class schedule, please click here (PDF).

    For information about our group exercise programs, please contact us at (650) 223-8711 or [email protected].

    (A) All levels. Lite or gentle classes ideal for participants returning to fitness or with limited mobility.
    ($) Additional Fee and Registration Required


    Aqua Fitness: Great for aqua enthusiasts and those new to the water. A fun class incorporating dynamic activities and buoyant tools for both cardiovascular and resistance.

    Aqua Interval: Splash it up with this high intensity class using patterns, jumps and water currents. Gain cardio endurance, resistance training and flexibility. Offered in our indoor and outdoor pools.

    Deep Water Fitness: Offered in our outdoor pool (6'0"). Buoyancy reduces the stress on weight-bearing joints and bones. A deep-water workout can address cardiovascular fitness, increase flexibility and muscular resistance.

    Cardio & Fusion Fitness
    20/20/20: Get your workout accomplished in equal 20 minute segments of cardio, resistance training and core. Cardio formats range from Kickboxing to STEP or BOSU.

    Body Rock (Dance Workout): Get dancing to your favorite Funk, Rock, Synth-Pop and R&B. Progressive choreography including jazz, hip hop, ballet or contemporary.

    Cardio Kickboxing: This cardiovascular workout uses techniques of upper body coordination with lower-body kickboxing to develop endurance and conditioning.

    Interval F.I.T.: Power-up your workout! Focus on frequency, intensity and time using intervals of endurance, strength and core. Short segments of low impact cardio.

    Light & Easy: Low-impact class incorporates movement patterns emphasizing full range of motion, balance, core stabilization and flexibility.

    NIA Fitness: Fluid low-impact combinations of dance, martial arts and healing arts, delivering cardiovascular and whole-body conditioning.

    Step Interval-Based: In the original Step format, classes combine intervals of resistance training. Ideal for those learning cueing and technique.

    Stretch & Move: Enjoy low- and non-impact cardio, combined with a variety of exercises for flexibility, range of motion, functional balance and strength.

    Total Body Conditioning: Cross-training incorporating cardiovascular and resistance training tools using the BOSU® trainer, resistance tubing, STEP and dumbbells.

    U-Jam Fitness: Unite world beats with hiphop and Bollywood moves, for a high energy workout!

    Zumba®: Ditch the workout and stay for the party! Every Zumba class is a fun event. The mix of Latin, top 40 and hip hop music keeps you energized.

    Zumba® (All levels): Offering Zumba with less impact on the joints, and simplified movements, but with all the fun of a regular Zumba class! Great for anyone looking to try Zumba, or at a slower pace.

    Mat Pilates: Introduce yourself to Pilates technique (without equipment). Focus on alignment, opposition, balance and functional movement from the core's foundation, the powerhouse. Courtesy mats available.

    Pilates Ballet™: A fusion of ballet and Pilates principles that dancers and non-dancers can perform and benefit from to develop and balance the body's muscle memory.

    Pilates Circuit: Begin with mat fundamentals, progressing to a series of dynamic strength exercises. A great way to integrate resistance and flexibility.

    Pilates + Props: Enhance your mat class with the use of props including the magic circle and foam roller accommodating a range of experience and ability.

    Pilates Yoga Fusion: A dynamic blend of Pilates and fitness yoga. Prior experience recommended. A great total-body workout covering flexibility, balance, core strength and endurance. An active class set to upbeat music.

    Studio Cycling
    Get a motivating workout on the new Keiser M3i for a smooth ride, integrated technology and precision performance. The OFJCC offers a range of classes:

    Cycling: A total body workout with an inspiring instructor incorporating endurance, strength, recovery and flexibility!

    Cycle Beats: Let the music move you! Our instructors mix great playlists to inspire your ride, skills and technique. It's all about having FUN!

    Real Road: The ride for outdoor cyclists, or riders inspired by road cycling techniques such as climbing, racing, endurance rides and power sprints!

    Gear Up: Provides cardio-intensive interval training. This "power hour" provides motivation, interval and performance training. We expect back…sweat, smiles and a "high five" with your neighbor!

    Cycle45: Great for those who are new to Cycling, or looking for a shorter class; enjoy the same benefits in a shorter 45-minute format.

    Cycle & Krank: A great interval format combining Cycling and Kranking for cardio, core and resistance training.

    Strength, Resistance & Core
    BodyPump™ :The original barbell class! Strength training is important for all levels and all ages of fitness.

    BodyPump™ Express: The original barbell class in a 45-minute offering.

    Core Blast: Target the core (shoulders to pelvis) focusing on strength, stabilization and stretching.

    Hatha: The foundation of Yoga. Learn asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing technique). All levels welcome. Bring your own mat. Courtesy mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters offered.

    Hatha Flow: Progress your Yoga practice with connected poses. This fluid practice is appropriate for all levels; prior Hatha experience encouraged.

    Iyengar Yoga: Emphasizes detail, precision, breath and alignment through slow progressive poses. All levels welcome. Ideal for participants with reduced mobility.

    Yin Yoga: Using foundation poses in Hatha and Hatha Flow, Yin focuses on holding postures for deep results targeting and opening the fascia and joints.

    Vinyasa: A continuous flow of movement with dynamic poses (asanas), building flexibility, strength and the synchronization of breath. Hatha experience recommended.

    Yoga Sculpt: Incorporates light weights with poses to isolate and target muscle groups in standing, seated or floor poses. Hatha experience recommended.

    Chair Yoga: Explore the benefits of seated yoga, relieving stiffness, joint pain and combating fatigue. Incorporate Yoga into any moment of the day, without a mat or moving to the floor. Open to all.

    Gentle Yoga: Incorporate asanas in a slow, meditative and calm practice. Encouraged for any person with reduced mobility or limitations.

    Restorative Yoga Props: Bolsters or blankets support participants in seated or reclining poses focusing on relaxation, breath and flexibility. Ideal for anyone new to Yoga, or wanting a focus on mobility, recuperation or relaxation.

    Youth & Family
    FIT-4-Kids: A fun variety of activities including Z® Kids, Rhythm Sticks and Hula Hoop. Grades K–5. Youth Yoga Active, playful and restful elements of yoga encourage creativity. For grades K–2 & 3–5.

    Specialty Classes
    Feldenkrais: Discover gentle movement sequences to release chronic tension and introduce movement patterns to the nervous system.


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