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    "Survival of the Fittest" by Ron Rosenfeld

    Community Tuesdays

    When: Tuesday, 4/2/2019 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Export event

    Where: Schultz Cultural Arts Hall

    OFJCCSurvival of the Fittest is the story of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. The publication in 1859 of Charles Darwin's Origin Of Species is considered by many to be the seminal event in the history of biology. Survival Of The Fittest is based upon the competition between Darwin and his younger and relatively unknown colleague, Alfred Wallace, to discover the principles behind natural selection, the cornerstone for modern concepts of evolution.

    The lecture will recount the background and history of this competition and address issues concerning the nature of scientific discovery, creativity, priority and integrity. How did Wallace independently discover evolution by natural selection? Did Darwin borrow, plagiarize or steal from Wallace? Who, ultimately, deserves the credit for the greatest discovery in biology?

    Dr. Ron Rosenfeld is Professor and Chair (emeritus) of Pediatrics, Oregon Health & Science University and President, STAT5, LLC. He received his BA, summa cum laude, from Columbia University in 1968 and his MD with Honors from Stanford University in 1973. He joined the faculty at Stanford in 1980, was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1985 and to Professor in 1989. In 1993, he left Stanford to accept the position of Chairman of Pediatrics at Oregon Health Sciences University, where he served for nine years. In 2003, he returned to Stanford as the Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs of the Lucile Packard Foundation. In 2008, he established STAT5, LLC, to provide specialized consultation services in endocrinology and pharamacogenomics, while maintaining his research laboratory at OHSU.

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCCDr. Rosenfeld is an internationally renowned authority on the endocrine basis of growth and development and has been at the forefront of understanding the biology of growth hormone and growth factors for over 30 years. His work has elucidated physiological, pathological, cellular and molecular aspects of mammalian growth, as well as the role of growth factors and their receptors in the fetus, newborn, child and adult in health and disease.

    The author of over 660 publications, eight edited books and three plays, Dr. Rosenfeld has received numerous awards, including a Mellon Foundation Fellowship, Basil O'Connor Award from the March of Dimes, an NIH Career Development Award, and 30 years of continuous NIH grant support. He is the recipient of the Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching at Stanford; the Joseph St. Geme, Jr. Award from the Society for Pediatric Research for pediatric education; the Ross Award for Research from the Society for Pediatric Research; The Clinical Endocrinology Trust Medal from the Royal Society of Medicine; the Maureen Andrew Mentor Award from the Society for Pediatric Research; the 2008 Transatlantic Medal as the outstanding North American endocrinologist from the Society for Endocrinology; the 2008 Robert H. Williams Distinguished Leadership Award from the Endocrine Society; the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from Stanford University; the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology International Award (2013); the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Human Growth Foundation (2014); and the Judson J. Van Wyk Award from the Pediatric Endocrine Society (2014).

    In addition to Survival of the Fittest, Dr. Rosenfeld is the author of two other plays, Helios (the story of Eadweard Muybridge) and Fixation (based upon the life of the German Nobelist, Fritz Haber, the inventor of chemical warfare).


    Need a Ride?

    The OFJCC provides door-to-door rides for seniors with no transportation to all Community Tuesdays lectures and concerts. The price is $10 for a round trip. All reservations must be made by Thursday morning the week before the event. To make a reservation, contact Betty Saad at [email protected] or (650) 223-8741. Funded by the Senior Mobility Initiative at the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.


    Tuesday, April 2
    1:00–2:30 PM
    Schultz Cultural Arts Hall
    $15 or one punch on the Community Tuesdays punch card
    No reservations required. Pay at the door.
    Contact: Michelle Rosengaus | (650) 223-8616 | [email protected]



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