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    Infant Development for the 21st Century

    Updating the Unwritten Rules

    When: Wednesday, 10/23/2019 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

    Where: OFJCC Preschool, Parent Lounge

    OFJCC Palo Alto

    We all tend to take ourselves too seriously sometimes. Luckily, parenting does not have to be quite such serious business all the time. Dafna Golan-Carbone is on a mission to put the fun and ease in parenting while updating and fully informing parents about all the major topics, challenges, big taboos and downright awfulness that sometimes happens when we're raising brand new people.

    In this gathering, we will cover topics such as:

    • The Tummy Time craze and what it's all about
    • Why it's ok to skip What to Expect books
    • What gadgets and gizmos really do make you a super parent?
    • How to support an organized brain and physical development
    • The ramifications of skipping developmental milestones
    • What are those milestones anyway?
    • Sleep disturbances and emotional upsets and what you can do
    • The resources and providers to have in your back pocket

    Second child? Third child? 

    • How to raise your first child like a second child and the second child like the first
    • What have you forgotten that you really need to keep in mind?
    OFJCC Palo Alto

    Dafna Golan-Carbone is the founder of TheMama.Academy. She works with expectant and new moms who want to have peace of mind that they are doing things right, as well as access to tools, resources and experts they might need. Dafna teaches moms how to support their babies' physical development at home and address daily health challenges and minor injuries. She provides one-on-one support as needed.

    Sponsored by TheMama.Academy™.


    For parents with preschool children
    Wednesday, October 23
    9:30–10:30 AM
    OFJCC Preschool, Parent Lounge
    Contact: Tamara Thiel Prizant | (650) 223-8750 | [email protected]

    OFJCC Palo Alto

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