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    The event has been canceled. If you have purchased tickets, a refund will be issued.

    Toddler Sing and Sign

    CANCELLED | Taking baby sign language to the next level for ages 2–5!

    When: Thursday, 11/21/2019 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

    Session dates: Thursdays, 10/17/2019 - 11/21/2019, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

    Where: Room L-101, Family Center

    The event has been canceled. 

    OFJCC Palo Alto

    Our Happy Baby Signs Toddler Sign Language Series takes Baby Sign Language to a new level—just for toddlers and preschoolers! Your child will have a blast learning American Sign Language (ASL) with singing, dancing, storytime and action-packed games. It's like a toddler music class, only better, because the kiddos and the parents are actually learning sign language.

    Parent attendance is required.

    The series will offer six fun-filled themed sessions:

    • Let's Eat (covered during introduction session)
    • More than a Rainbow of Colors
    • Lions and Tigers and Bears and More
    • We Are Family
    • Vehicles That Go Va Voom!
    • What are You Wearing?

    OFJCC Palo AltoErika Vetter fell in love with sign language in her childhood, when she befriended a deaf girl in her Brownie Scout troop. This friendship continued for many years and led her to volunteer in the hard-of-hearing preschool during recess when she was still in elementary school.

    Erika received her bachelor of science in speech pathology and audiology with teacher certification from Elmira College. She earned her master's degree as a Teacher for the Deaf for grades K-12 from Canisius College in upstate New York. Erika has taught both deaf and hearing children for the past 18 years in schools such as the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and the California School for the Deaf in Fremont. She currently works as an ASL interpreter and instructor.

    Erika's thesis on teaching ASL to pre-verbal hearing children, along with her recent coursework in bilingual education, have reinforced her belief that signing with children can produce amazing results. All three of her children started signing between six and seven months old and still sign on a daily basis. Erika delights in seeing children empowered with a tremendous ability to communicate effectively at a very early age and she is eager to share her experience and enthusiasm with you.

    The OFJCC is pleased to partner with the esteemed Happy Baby Signs, the leading Bay Area providers for ASL instruction for parents, toddlers and the preschool set.

    For children ages 2 (or early walkers)–5
    Thursday, October 17–November 21 | No Session October 31
    4:30 AM–5:15 PM
    Room L-101, Family Center
    $115 for parent and one child
    Tamara Thiel Prizant | (650)-223-8750 | [email protected]
    Or Gali Beck | (650) 223-8691 | [email protected]

    פעוטות שרים, רוקדים ומסמנים | עם אריקה וטר

    שימו לב: הסדרה מבוטלת.

    אמהות ואבות, הנכם מוזמנים לתכנית חדשה ומיוחדת לפעוטות בגילאים 5–2 שנים, המורכבת ממפגשים חוויתים של מוסיקה ותנועה עם תוספת מיוחדת של שילוב שפת הסימנים. כל מפגש יוקדש לנושא מיוחד מעולמם של הילדים כמו עולם החיות, כלי תחבורה, משפחה, קשת וענן ועוד. יחד נחגוג בשירה, ריקוד ותנועות מעולם השפה.

    לא נדרש ידע קודם בשפת הסימנים. המפגשים יתקיימו באנגלית.

    לגילאי 5–2 (או מקדימי לכת)
    ימי חמישי, 17 באוקטובר–21 בנובמבר | לא יתקיים מפגש ב- 31באוקטובר
    5:15–4:30 אחר הצהריים
    Family Center, חדר L-101
    $115 עבור הורה וילד אחד
    לפרטים: Tamara Thiel Prizant | (650) 223-8750 | [email protected]
    או: גלי בק | 223-8691 (650) | [email protected]


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