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    Farm to Table Plant-Based Cooking with Get Fit Eat Well Chef Jacques Laventur

    Grades 2–6

    When: Wednesday, 4/17/2019 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

    Session dates: Wednesdays, 3/20/2019 - 5/15/2019, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

    Where: Freidenrich Conference Center (Bldg F) 4th Floor

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    In Farm to Table Plant-Based Cooking, children will learn all about making healthy whole food ingredients into delicious meals. The class will infuse topics like how unprocessed foods sustain life; food preservation techniques; using energy-efficient alternative cooking methods; and how to find and select locally grown ingredients. Classes also emphasize the importance of local food, small farms and seasonal ingredients. Children will learn all the basics, including kitchen safety, culinary equipment, knife-handling skills and some baking. 

    Nutrition and Culinary Foundation
    • Plant-Based Nutrition Overview: Children will learn the common nutritional myths about eating a plant-based diet and some basic science to support a balanced plant-focused diet.
    • Reading Labels: Children will learn about processed food products.
    • Kosher Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives: Children will learn some key plant-based substitutions for dairy products, as well as techniques for how to use them. They will also learn some basic recipes for creating staple dairy alternatives; they will be able to convert dairy-based recipes to plant-based recipes.
    • Recipe Development and Base Recipes: Children are taught how to use raw foods to create their own versatile base dishes that can change a flavor profile.
    • Germinating, Sprouting and Kitchen Gardening: There is nothing quite like growing your own. Germinating, sprouting and a basic understanding of kitchen gardening are important techniques and skills when working with living food. Children learn about the simplicity and culinary uses for germinating seeds, along with methods, how to select, grow and use sprouts. 
    • Dehydrating: We explore the varieties, textures and applications you can achieve by using dehydrators. From preserving, warming and wilting to raw snacks, dehydration is an essential method in the raw kitchen.

    Hands on Recipes
    • Caribbean Soups: Vegan Meats | Methods, Uses and Recipes; Farm Fresh Pizza; Organic Farm to Juicing
    • South Indian Raw Sauces and Condiments; Raw Desserts

    About the Instructor: Jacques Laventur
    Known as The Vegan Chef, Jacques Laventur specializes in healthy dishes that incorporate traditional cuisines with his desire for natural flavors. Jacques studied the fine art of gourmet cooking at the prestigious International Culinary Center in Soho NYC. After obtaining his culinary degree, he completed externships with companies such as VICE media and worked with the American Heart Association. His passion is mixing the eclectic flavors of Texas barbecue with Caribbean aromas and Haiti's traditional dishes where his family raised him. Jacques has been able to translate his vast experience and culinary knowledge of classic French.


    Grades 2–6
    Wednesdays, March 20–May 15 | No class April 3 or 17 | 7 classes
    3:15–4:15 PM
    Freidenrich Conference Center, Room F-401 | March 27 and May 1, Room E-104
    $225 Members | $255 General Public
    Contact: Salina Barnette | (650) 223-8684 | [email protected]




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