• Outdoor Fitness now open. Many on-campus programs still suspended-see paloaltojcc.org/StayHealthy
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    Bootcamp (1st AM Session)


    When: M/W/F 6:45–7:40 AM and 9:30–10:25 AM; T/Th 6:30–7:25 PM

    We know you've seen us—now is your chance to join us!OFJCC Palo Alto JCC 

    Connect with former United States Marine James Ward for a dynamic workout that will get you in the best shape of your life. The workouts are patterned after Marine Corps fitness, sport specific drills and circuit training.

    All fitness levels are welcome. 

    James is a Master Personal Trainer who has worked as an EMT, played college football and lacrosse and has more than twenty years of experience in the fitness industry.
    Results in our Bootcamp program are best seen when you attend at least eight classes per month. This large group Personal Training program will educate you on basic to advanced weight training concepts that can be modified to fit your abilities and interests. Bootcamp is geared towards increasing your performance in sports, activities and life! We offer a free trial workout to all first time participants. Join us!

    Tuesdays* Wednesdays*
    Thursdays* Fridays*
    6:45–7:40 AM 6:30–7:25 PM 6:45–7:40 AM 6:30–7:25 PM 6:45–7:40 AM
    9:30–10:25 AM   9:30–10:25 AM   9:30–10:25 AM

    Location: Seiler Family Gymnasium, Goldman Fitness Center and Outdoor Training Area.
    Please meet Personal Trainer James Ward at the Fitness Desk inside the Fitness Center at the start of each class.


    Program options:
    • 3x per week: $180 per month for Members, $360 per month for the General Public
    • 2x per week: $120 per month for Members, $240 per month for the General Public
    • Drop-in: $20 per workout for Members, $35 per workout for the General Public

    How to register:

    Monthly automatic billing
    1) Choose your program (3x or 2x)
    2) Stop by our Customer Service Desk to enroll.
    3) Your credit card on file will be charged monthly, ongoing, until you request to pause or cancel.
    4) To pause or cancel your Bootcamp program, notify your Trainer 3 days before the 1st of the next month.
    5) Show up and enjoy your workout!

    Monthly registration
    1) Choose your program (3x or 2x)
    2) Stop by our Customer Service Desk or use our OFJCC App to purchase a month of Bootcamp at a time.
    3) On the App, click the "My Account" tile, then click "shop", then "classes" to purchase your plan.
    4) Show up and enjoy your workout!

    Drop-in program
    1) >24 hours of class start: use our OFJCC App by clicking the "Training Classes" tile to select and purchase the date/time of class you wish to join.
    2) <24 hours of class start: stop by our Customer Service Desk to purchase your single class pass. You will be given a receipt to present to your Trainer.
    3) Drop-in programs purchased are good for 30 consecutive days from purchase date.

    To register for a free trial workout or for more information, please contact Shavon Brown at [email protected] or call (650) 223-8719.

    Monthly, ongoing
    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays | 6:45–7:40 AM and 9:30–10:25 AM | No workouts December 24, December 31, January 2
    Tuesdays, Thursdays | 6:30–7:25 PM | No workouts December 25 and January 1
    Contact: Shavon Brown | (650) 223-8719 | [email protected] 


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