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    Science Made Fun

    Grades K–3

    When: Wednesday, 11/20/2019 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Export event

    Session dates: Wednesdays, 9/11/2019 - 12/18/2019, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

    Where: Einstein Meeting Room (Bldg E) Room E-104

    afternoon enrichment for kids: scienceIn this session, students will learn about primary and secondary colors, states of matter and about the five senses. We'll make fossils, explore magnetism and static electricity, and learn about several natural weather phenomena. Learn about chemistry and polymers, dissect seeds and make edible insects and spiders. For Halloween, our lab dawns a spooky feel as we have fun with eyeballs and Jello brains!

    Science Made Fun programs provide an opportunity to expose kids, at an early age, to the amazing world of science and nature, through discovery-style learning and inquiry-based dialogue with a real scientist. In this hands-on science class, students will explore various topics among chemistry, physical, life, and earth sciences. Each week the students will discover a new and engaging scientific concept, which will be accompanied by two or three hands-on experiments which bring the concept to life. Students roll up their sleeves and become REAL scientists! 


    Crazy Chemistry 

    • Matter Matters©: Find out what really matters. Have FUN as we explore all different types of matter. Discover bubbling potions for yourself, watch air take up space and even have a contest with carbon dioxide! 
    • Color Fun©Separate colors, make secondary colors and make rainbows in milk! 
    • Spooky Science©: During the week of Halloween, enter our spooky science lab at your own risk! Make your very own Goblin Goo and glow-in-the dark eyeballs to keep. 
    • Float or Sink?: Learn about the concept of density and make your own bubbling lava lamp! 

    Earth Sciences 

    • Fossil Fun©/Jurassic Jr.©: Step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist and discover real fossils. Uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs and make your very own fossil.
    • Fun'omena©: Get the facts…on those natural acts! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes. Learn about the changing conditions which cause these phenomena. Have FUN as we make them happen in your classroom. 

    Physical Sciences 

    • Magnet Makers©: Discover the properties of magnetism. Have FUN as we uncover all the "attractive" facts. Make your very own electromagnet and much more. 
    • Fantastic Static©: Get charged as we have fun with Static Electricity.

    Biological Sciences 

    • Let's Make Sense©: Have FUN as we make sense out of our senses. Explore the five senses, one sense at a time. Discover how much we rely on our senses. 
    • Get Buggy©: Learn the difference between a bug and a spider. See for yourself how an insect really sees the world. Make a bug that you can even eat! 
    • Spiders: Learn about a spider and its lifecycle. Spin a spider web, and make an edible spider.

    About the Instructor: 
    After working in the biotech industry for almost 14 years, Shalini Wadwani decided to switch to a more fulfilling and meaningful career of teaching science in a fun and entertaining manner to children. Her hope is to inspire them to pursue science in the higher grades.

    Eligible for 50% off to members in lieu of a free class.

    Grades K–3
    Wednesdays, September 11–December 18 | No class October 9, November 27 | 13 classes
    3:30–4:30 PM
    Einstein Meeting Room (Bldg E) E-104
    $400 Members | $430 General Public | Eligible for 50% off to members in lieu of a free class.
    Contact: Salina Nunez | (650) 223-8684 | [email protected]



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