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    Art Exhibit & Reception: Leila Carvalho Beverleigh

    “La Danse"

    When: Tuesday, 3/12/2019 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

    Where: Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall (Bldg F)

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the artist's father, Joao Augusto de Carvalho (April 21, 1937–June 21, 2018)

    On Display: March 2–June 1

    Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 12

    The illustrated works of Leila C. Beverleigh will be on display at the Oshman Family JCC. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she was traditionally trained in painting and drawing. In the US, she continued her studies and learned digital art, animation and printmaking under legendary artists. 

    "La Danse: An Illustrated Homage to the Art of Dance" is a series of works comprising the artist's lifelong study, admiration and passion for the field of dance, especially ballet. 

    "The objective of these illustrations is to primarily provoke a conversation about this honorable field in the arts. To serve as a vehicle to stimulate curiosity, to bring joy and appreciation, to invite the community to reminisce about memorable and relatable loving tales in which choreographers and dancers dedicate strenuous efforts to bring them to life."

    The show features illustrations highlighting the beloved tale of Sleeping Beauty, in addition to works representing the "behind the scenes" moments from the dancers. The Illustrations were created in oils, pastels, gouache and monotype prints and will be displayed in small to large scales.

    The show is divided into three sections:

    • The Fairies of Sleeping Beauty with Aurora and the Prince
      Location: Schultz Cultural Arts Hall

      This collection is dedicated to the original fairy tale written by Charles Perrault, La Belle au bois Dormant, Sleeping Beauty.

      The artist has chosen to portrait the version of this tale as they are depicted in ballet companies worldwide, being first choreographed by Marius Petipa with the scores of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1890. The inspiration and choice to develop this work bloomed upon reading George Balanchine's biography, when the artist discovered Sleeping Beauty was the first ballet Balanchine participated in as a child. Researching the original story, she pictured a magical display of the fairies.

      These large-scale illustrations were inspired by the tale's christening scene, where each of the fairies exuded their uniquely symbolic colors and magical powers, shown as handmade monotypes. Ballet companies have adopted many versions of the seven fairies in each production. In summary, the fairies are: The Fairy of the Crystal Fountain (Crystal), The Fairy of Enchanted Gardens (Rose), The Fairy of the Woodland Glades (Woodland), The Fairy of the Songbirds (Canary, Music), The Fairy of the Golden Vine (Wine, Joy), the Lilac Fairy (Lilac) and the Wicked Fairy (Carabosse). Aurora and the Prince will also be displayed. The artist took advantage of the nuances originated by the monotype process to unify colors and to explore an ethereal "feel" to the artwork. 

    • The Romantic Giselle and a Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev
      Location: Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex

      This show features stories that will continue to inspire upcoming collections from the artist. All the works in this series were created using oils and monotype techniques printed in large scale as well as gouache.

      As a fond admirer of male dancers' strength, in every exhibition, the artist will highlight a legendary icon in the ballet world. In Martine Kahane's book Rudolf Nureyev, A Life in Dance, Nureyev is portrayed as "intelligent, a force of character and an extraordinary presence." Visitors will be able to admire a large size of Nureyev's portrait accomplished in silk, along with small works highlighting the dancer's performances to celebrate his accomplishments and influences in the art of dance.

      This collection also turns attention to the Romantic ballet Giselle (1841), written by Heinrich Heine and accompanied by the music of Adolphe Adam. The tryptic shows Giselle in different instances in her journey and is an emotional and dramatic depiction of one of the greatest classical ballets of all times.

    • Life of dancers: Struggles and Glory

      As a loyal student, dance fanatic and a dancer herself, the artist dedicates a special part of this show to shine a light on the "behind-the-scenes" stages. In this session, the artist speculates how passion, diligence, skill and collaboration are essential in this field.

      The process of creation and inspiration includes, but not limited to, visits to ballet companies, study of live and recorded performances and interviews, research in libraries dedicated to the world of dance such as the Jerome Robbins Performance Library in New York, and email communications with icons in the ballet world today. Illustrations of their struggles and their glory during rehearsals, barre exercises, solo performances and candid moments of concentration will be displayed in large canvas as well as small works on paper.  

    On Display: March 2–June 1
    Schultz Cultural Arts Hall Lobby | Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex Center

    Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 12
    6:308:00 PM
    Schultz Cultural Arts Hall Lobby
    Free and open to the public
    Contact: Ilanit Gal at [email protected] 



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