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    A Painful Hope

    Cultivating a foundation for peace across the deepest divide

    When: Sunday, 2/10/2019 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Export event

    Where: Freidenrich Conference Center, Room F-401

    How do Palestinians and Israelis move beyond the cycle of violence that engulfs them? Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, an orthodox rabbi and passionate zionist settler, and Palestinian Shadi Abu Awwad, the architect and coordinator of the Roots youth movement, share their personal stories and how they are working together to build a better future for their peoples through Roots/Shorashim/Judur.

    Roots is a Palestinian-Israeli grassroots initiative fostering understanding, non-violence and transformation. This organization facilitates unmediated get-togethers and deep conversations between Palestinians and Israelis living in the West Bank. 

    Hanan Schlesinger is an orthodox rabbi and teacher, and a passionate zionist settler who has been profoundly transformed by his friendship and interaction with local Palestinians. His understanding of the reality of the Middle East conflict and of zionism has been utterly complicated by the parallel universe that they have introduced him to.

    Shadi Abu Awwad
    is the grandson, son and nephew of strong, proud Palestinian leaders who were at the helm of the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising). He grew up imbued with a deep hatred for Israelis. When still a child, his family underwent a major transformation and were among the pioneers in reaching across the divide to their Jewish neighbors to work together in order to create a shared vision for the future. As the Palestinian architect and coordinator of the Roots youth movement, Shadi facilitates shared encounters and experiences among Palestinian and Israeli teenagers, building a new generation of leaders who can confront the real problems between their communities while acknowledging each other's shared humanity.

    Join Shadi and Hanan as they tell their personal stories and of their efforts to build a better future for their peoples. They come with no ready peace plans in hand, only with the conviction that human understanding and trust will be the prerequisites for lasting justice, freedom and peace on that tiny sliver of land that they both call home.


    In collaboration with the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco

    Sunday, February 10
    6:30–8:00 PM
    Freidenrich Conference Center, Room F-401
    $18 General Public | $15 Members and J-Pass holders
    Contact: Tova Birnbaum | (650) 223-8694 | [email protected] 


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