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    A Lecture with Amanda Berman

    Founder and Executive Director of Zioness

    When: Wednesday, 9/4/2019 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    Where: Freidenrich Conference Center (Bldg F) 4th Floor


    Is it possible to be progressive and Zionist? Zioness founder and Executive Director Amanda Berman explores a new movement that is changing the conversation about Zionism in progressive spaces. The movement activates and empowers the American Jews—who identify overwhelmingly as members of the political left and also as supporters of a safe and secure Jewish state—to stand proudly in both of those identities, refusing to check either one at the door. Zioness is reclaiming Zionism as a progressive value—the self-determination movement of the world's most enduring persecuted community in our historic national home.

    Through their 31 chapters across the country (including here in the Bay Area), Zioness is marching, engaging and being civically and politically active with their full inherent identities on display. They are re-associating Zionism with all the positive, progressive movements and dialogues with which it naturally correlates, providing a community to American Jews who are feeling politically homeless and isolated, and reminding the world that Zionism is an inherent part of the Jewish identity, which cannot be divorced from what it means to be a Jew. 


    Wednesday, September 4
    7:30–9:30 PM
    Freidenrich Conference Center (Bldg F) 4th Floor
    $18 General Public | $15 Members and J-Pass Holders | $20 At the Door | Subsidies available
    Contact: Amitai Fraiman | (650) 223-8754 | [email protected]


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