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    We just wanted to thank Ed, Jennifer, Brian and Courtney for all your help in making sure our Stanford event was a success!  

    It was above and beyond what we were envisioning and thanks to you and your staff for being so professional and flexible throughout the entire process. You were very responsive every time and attentive to our needs. 

    With such a big event on the line and using a new venue, it always seems a bit nerve racking but you all lifted that stress factor by ensuring all details were covered. 

    Thank you for making our life a lot easier this past weekend. We look forward to having more events at the JCC in the near future. 

    Loto Reed

    As you may recall, we held our gala fundraising event, Party for the Planet, at the JCC Cultural Arts Hall last night. The event was a tremendous success, thanks in no small part to the JCC. The facility was a perfect match for us—close to home, with both indoor and outdoor areas, room for our sizable crowd and state-of-the-art A/V.

    But even more than the actual space, I can't tell you how impressed I was with your entire staff—they were amazing!! Jennifer was so responsive during the planning phase, and when she went on maternity leave, Brandi picked up right where Jennifer left off, for a seamless transition. At the event, she was a constantly available, responsive, calm, pleasant, accommodating presence. She came to check on me often, hovered (in a good way) near me during the stressful set-up time, and even brought me a plate of appetizers because she saw that there was no way I was going to get food if it wasn't hand-delivered to me! Truly outstanding service from start to finish.

    I also want to give a huge kudos to Brian, who did a fantastic job with the complex A/V (made so by our large and enthusiastic band). He responded with grace and calm to our many requests, sudden changes, and technical surprises. When it became apparent that I was going to have to run the slideshow from the floor myself (long story), I was feeling quite anxious. So Brian offered to stay late to run it for me and be the liaison with Brendan, who was in the booth. Our program ran long and so he stayed waaay later than he had originally planned. When I thanked him, he responded, "I could see you were nervous and wanted it to go well for you." What a gem!!!

    Brendan was also fantastic! What an amazing staff!!!

    And thank YOU again for giving us such a generous discount on the rental. Your generosity enabled us to keep our costs within budget so that the funds we raised could go where they are needed most—into our efforts to address climate change and promote a healthy planet. Thank you again for helping us realize this vision!

    Kind regards,

    Ariane Erickson

    Eric and I contacted them (the JCC) because we are highly considering them as our wedding venue location. The experience was amazing right from the first email.

    I've been contacting a lot of different places to try and get information, as well as schedule a tour. I sent my email to the JCC and it wasn't even eight hours later that I got my response from Ed Bancroft, the event coordinator for the Palo Alto JCC. This email was super detailed, very sweet, very informative and he sent over all the information we would need. Every other place I've been emailing has either not given me information, had many errors, got the dates wrong or did not respond at all. Ed's emailing method already had me in love with this facility.

    All the photos on websites (including their own) are very good, and really depict the way the venue can be used. We went for a tour this morning (oh, he also scheduled us for an early morning tour with only two days' notice) and it was delightful. Ed knew everything; he answered questions before we even knew to ask. He was patient and wonderful, and so happy to be there.

    This facility is amazing, for wedding packages especially. I'm sure they can accommodate just about any type of gathering, but for the price and what they offer—it's amazing! The facility has only been open for nine years! It's so beautiful! They have traveling art exhibits that really add to the class of the facility. Everything is very clean; I would say it's modern and chic as well.

    We are in love with this place and it is on the top of our list for venues!


    This is absolutely the best venue for a wedding! We worked with Ed, Jen and Brian, and they all have professional, friendly and overall amazing personalities. Jen handled all the wedding day coordination. She was so well organized and even made sure the bride and groom had water during the dance party at the reception!! Brian is a talented AV master as he was able to put up the best ceiling decorations and was also really helpful with other coordination as well. Ed is definitely one of the best people we've worked with! He was so personable and friendly. We really enjoyed working with their team and the space itself is beautiful, large and well-managed. Definitely recommend this space for a wedding or any other special event!

    Oh, the dressing room is such a wonderful space! A small plus point to the already amazing venue!

    Deepal and Owen

    Wow, thank you for such a thorough follow-up, even after the event! And an additional thank you for the extra labor in taking down those pesky lanterns. You have been the most patient and helpful venue coordinator to work with. Alex and Alina (and we all) were so lucky to have you.

    Shela Jeong

    Recently I had the pleasure of hosting my wedding here, and my husband and I had the best experience ever. Ed Bancroft is the Events Manager, and he was very enthusiastic and positive. Brian Hendrickson was our venue coordinator, and he made our lives so easy.

    The JCC has all the equipment anyone could possibly want for an event, and the JCC was very generous with letting us use the equipment. Wireless mic, clip-on mic, theater sound system, stage, stools, chairs, tables, amazing dressing rooms, lots of bathrooms and parking, hot water, an ice machine, full kitchen, walk-in fridge and freezer, power outlets, detailed maps of their campus.

    The rehearsal was a bit stressful to coordinate everyone, but Brian was on hand to give us all the equipment we needed and he even gave some advice about how to run the ceremony more smoothly.

    Security was really nice and helpful.

    My husband and I and many of our guests are not Jewish but everyone was so nice to us.

    Everything ran so smoothly at the JCC. If you need to host an event here, I would highly recommend it.

    Thank you so much!

    Elisha & Steve

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