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    Day of Remembrance

    Each year in remembrance of 9/11, we come together as a community to work on hands-on projects that will benefit people living in emergency shelters, such as those hit by Hurricane Harvey, and prepare thank you packs for first responders in our area to show our appreciation for all that they do. We also provide the opportunity for the community to learn from humanitarian organizations such as IsraAid, which provides aid around the world when disaster hits. 

    Our community aims to contribute to populations in need near and far; populations that may have experienced natural disasters; famine; health issues; separation from family members; loss; lack of shelter, property, safety or stability; or traumatic war experiences and other atrocities that most of us can't comprehend. 

    The OFJCC provides a platform for the community to spend the day learning, volunteering and helping others.

    This year the OFJCC commemorated the day by co-hosting the September 11 Multifaith Peace Picnic and Prayers.

    To learn more about Day of Remembrance, please contact Robin Vasilakos at [email protected].

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