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    Beged Kefet Hebrew School: Middle School Classes

    לעברית, לחצו כאן

    The Beged Kefet Hebrew language school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Beged Kefet opened in September 2008 and moved to the new home of the OFJCC on the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life in September 2009. The name "Beged Kefet" comes from the six Hebrew letters that are emphasized (or in Hebrew, get a dagesh) when they appear at the beginning of a Hebrew word.

    Middle school classes are for sixth through eighth grade students with prior knowledge of reading and writing in Hebrew. Placement in various classes is based on a student assessment taken at the end of the fifth grade in Beged Kefet, or when they enroll in the school.

    Teaching Hebrew continues to focus on developing the Hebrew language skills in all aspects of language—reading, speaking, writing and comprehension—while emphasizing Israeli cultural aspects through a variety of texts and subjects that are relevant to the students. One of the school's goals is to create a social framework for youth with similar backgrounds and interests while celebrating the holidays and providing opportunities to lead age-appropriate workshops. The curriculum prepares students for high school level classes.

    Middle school classes meet once a week for an hour-and-a-half. The schedule for each class can be found on the Locations page. Information about tuition and fees can be found on our Registration Guidelines page.

    Middle School Classes

    In Beged Kefet we offer three class levels in which students are grouped by ability. The curriculum of the middle school classes is based on the Bishvil Ha’Ivrit book series by NETA, an innovative Hebrew language curriculum designed especially for Diaspora students in middle and high school. Bishvil Ha’Ivrit is a new learning program for Hebrew, reviving the language in print and digital media. The program was written by staff at the Hebrew College of Boston, and is supported by experts from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    NETA is a multidimensional program focusing on four language skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing—by assimilating students in language from classical Hebrew texts to Israeli music, and from historical documents to poetry and drama. Each topic is presented from three points of view: Jewish tradition, modern Israeli culture and general world knowledge—including art, science, mathematics, literature, and philosophy.

    For more information on the NETA program, visit http://ivritil.cet.ac.il/Bishvil-Haivrit.

    In addition, use of online teaching in and out of the classroom supports lesson content, homework, personal enrichment, and additional materials in accordance with the subjects studied (films, literary texts, press clippings, blogs, etc.).

    For any questions please contact us at [email protected] or directly with the school's Headmaster, Shuli Zilberfarb Sela, via  email at [email protected].

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