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    Swim Lessons: FAQs

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC


    Q: Are masks required at all times?
    A: Masks are required for everyone ages 2 and up while out of the water. Parents or guardians that are participating in the lesson may wear a mask, though doing so is optional. It is not recommended for children to wear a mask in the pool.

    Q: Will social distancing be maintained for the duration of the lesson?
    A: We will do our best to practice social distancing where safety can still be maintained. This will differ by level and age.

    Q: Will instructors be in the water for the lesson?
    A: Yes. Instructors will be in the water except in our Polar Bear class for infants.

    Q: My child has been out of the water for a year and I am unsure what level they should be in and whether or not I need to get in the water with them. How can I find out?
    A: Click here and follow the charts to find the appropriate level. Remember that it is better to sign up for the lower level when you're stuck between two options.

    Q: Will goggles and/or towels be available to borrow?
    A: No. Families must bring their own goggles and towels to each lesson.

    Q: Will my child be considered part of a "pod?"
    A: No. Since families will not have direct contact (i.e., within six feet) for the entirety of the lesson, we are not considered a pod.

    Q: Will there be space available for us to put our belongings during the lesson?
    A: Yes. Upon checking in at the pool deck, each family will be assigned a bench that can be used to store belongings during the lesson.

    Q: Can I bring my swimmer's sibling to the swim lesson?
    A: We discourage bringing siblings to swim lessons as we are doing what we can to manage capacity and limit unnecessary contact. We understand, however, that every family's situation is different. If a sibling must attend the lesson, families are required to bring another adult that will be responsible for the sibling. The supervising adult and the sibling must remain on the family's designated bench for the duration of the lesson.

    Q: Can my other child hang out in the indoor pool during their sibling's lesson?
    A: No. At this time, the indoor pool can be used by swim lesson participants only.

    Q: Can I swim laps while my child is in their lesson?
    A: The Outdoor Pool is open for swimming by reservation only. If you have a reservation, you are welcome to enjoy the Outdoor Pool during your child's lesson as long as you can be promptly available to collect them at the end of their lesson. Click here for more information about Outdoor Pool procedures.

    Q: Can we come early or stay after to play in the indoor pool?
    The Indoor Pool is open for swimming by reservation only beginning Monday May 17th. If you have a reservation, you are welcome to enjoy the Indoor Pool at the time of your reservation. Click here for more information about Indoor Pool procedures.

    Q: Can we come early to play in the indoor pool?

    A: No. All families must come only for their reserved time. This helps us reduce capacity and limit contact.

    Q: Will there be any spaces available for changing?
    A: You are required to come to your lesson ready to swim as there will not be any areas for families to change before lessons. After your lesson, you will have access to the Family Locker Rooms or cabanas on the pool deck. The Family Locker Room will not provide towels but all shower amenities will be available. We ask that you only use the private shower and changing rooms. The locker area will remain closed for now. Diaper changing stations and restrooms are available at all times.

    Q: What cleaning measures is the JCC taking between swim groups?
    A: All equipment, seating areas and shared surfaces are disinfected between each group of swimmers participating in swim lessons.

    Q: Will I have to enroll my child every week for their lesson?
    A: No. Once you register online for your class and pay the fee, your spot in that class will be kept through the end of the month. To avoid needing to re-register your child every month, consider our auto-enrollment offer. Click here for more details.


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