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    COVID-19 Swim Lesson Procedures

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC


    Arriving to Swim Lessons:

    • Masks must be worn throughout the check-in process and anytime you and your child are out of the water.
    • Enter through the fitness center's main entrance, where you and your child will get your temperatures checked and certify whether or not you have experienced any symptoms of COVID in the last 14 days.
    • Check in at the front desk. You'll be asked to wait before heading back to the pool if you arrived more than 5 minutes before class time.
    • Upon entering the pool deck, you will check your child in to their lesson at the check-in table. 
    • Benches will be available for each family to place their belongings; each family will be assigned a bench by the check-in staff. 
    • Please come dressed to swim. Designated changing areas will be available for use after each lesson, not before. There are diaper changing stations available at all times. 
    • Instructors will assign each child to a colored marker, where there will be a bin with the swim equipment for them to use throughout the lesson.
    • Each child will have a platform in the water of their own that they will use throughout the lesson. The platforms will be placed at least 6 feet apart.

    During Lessons:

    • Instructors will remain out of the water for all lessons to remove contact from one group to another.
    • A parent or guardian may be required to enter the water to assist their child in many of the levels. Look for this icon  to identify the levels where adult participation is needed. 
    • Mask-wearing for adults in the water is optional.
    • It is highly encouraged for families to not bring siblings to lessons and that only the swimmer and one parent or guardian attend. If siblings are present, the family is responsible for bringing another adult to supervise the second child. Anyone not in the water will be required to sit on the family’s designated bench during the lesson.

    Departing from Swim Lessons:

    • Swimmers will exit the water on their designated marker at the end of the lesson. Adults may use the ladder. 
    • Swimmers and adults will put their mask on immediately upon exiting the water. 
    • After the lesson, we have cabanas and diaper changing stations available for changing.

    Additional Notes:

    • Families should bring their own towels and goggles as we are not able to loan or provide any at this time.
    • Everyone ages 2 and up is required to wear masks at all times outside of the water. Parent or guardian mask-wearing is optional in the water.
    • There will be no recreational swimming before, during or after lessons. The use of the indoor pool is for lessons only at this time.
    • We have built in a 15-minute transition between each lesson to allow for families to depart the lesson area and the staff to clean equipment before the next lesson group arrives.
    • We are only running one lesson at a time in the large well of the indoor pool so that groups don't mix.


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