OFJCC: Vision & Mission

The Oshman Family JCC aspires to be a Jewish neighborhood where all are welcome. It serves as a nexus of diverse Jewish communities that opens doors and creates connections for rich, robust and rewarding experiences. The JCC establishes common ground, uniting Jewish institutions, groups and individuals for the betterment of the whole community.
Our Mission
The Oshman Family JCC is a 21st-century Jewish neighborhood that strengthens and integrates our Jewish community as we:
Embody an inclusive, caring environment that celebrates the diversity and innovative spirit of our region.
Offer outstanding civic, educational, recreational, wellness and cultural programming that speaks to our core values and common concerns as modern Jews.
Partner with established and emerging Jewish institutions and communities to make our resources the shared hub of the broader community.
Facilitate connections with Israel and Jews worldwide.
Centers of Excellence
The OFJCC aims to create a welcoming community filled with options for individuals and families of all backgrounds. With this mission in mind, we have established six specific program areas that we consider our core competencies and in which we will focus particular attention on providing exceptional programs and services.
The Richard & Rhoda Goldman Center for Health & Fitness
The OFJCC strives to enhance fitness and health for all backgrounds, levels and age groups. We place particular emphasis on providing an exceptional member experience in clean, well maintained fitness facilities. The 45,000 square foot Richard & Rhoda Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex provides a luxurious, state of the art setting for you to improve your health and wellbeing.
The Richard & Rhoda Goldman Center for Adult Living & Learning
The OFJCC creates opportunities for lifelong learning by offering a broad array of programs to assist your quest for personal growth. Our staff takes pride in creating innovative programs that enable all segments of the community to participate. Make the most of each day by continuing your education, pursuing your passions, taking a class, attending a lecture or participating in a hobby.
Leslie Family Early Childhood Education Center
The Leslie Family Early Childhood Education Center and OFJCC Preschool provide nurturing, play-based programs with experienced, passionate teachers. We welcome families of all backgrounds and encourage family involvement. At the OFJCC, children develop positive feelings toward education and grow mentally, physically and socially. They enjoy play areas, gardening spots, movement classes, swim lessons, holiday celebrations and so much more.
Arts & Culture Center
The arts are an integral and enriching part of life. Throughout the year, the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall features music, dance, theatre, lectures and arts programs. Creative expression is encouraged with an array of cultural classes and programs throughout the year. We hope that the OFJCC will build bridges through the universal language of art and inclusive cultural exchange.
Israeli Cultural Connection (ICC)
The Silicon Valley is a hub for a fast-growing Israeli population. The OFJCC is pleased to offer exciting educational and social programs for the local, Hebrew speaking community as well as engage the entire Jewish community in exploring Israeli culture and ideas.
Center for Sports and Recreation
The Oshman Family JCC is dedicated to promoting active and healthy lifestyles by encouraging physical activity and fostering relationships. We offer sports leagues, swimming programs and classes for all ages as well as a wide variety of youth camps and after school programs. The OFJCC’s recreational offerings also provide strong connections to the community.