Yom Ha’atzmaut Community-Wide Celebration

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Tuesday, April 16 • 4:00–10:00 PM

חגיגות יום העצמאות ה-65 למדינת ישראל

Celebrate Israel’s 65 Independence Day!
TRAVEL through Israel’s varied regions, sampling each location’s specialties. TASTE delicious treats including falafel, cotton candy, ice cream, and Israeli wine (Click here to view wine menu. For adults 21+). Explore Israel’s TECH innovations, right here in the high tech capital of Silicon Valley.
Don’t miss these special guests on the main stage: Performance with Meshi Kleinstein and Tal Kravitz Children’s fashion show with Israeli clothing by Shilav “Hatikvah” performed by Beged Kefet school children Consul General of Israel

Tour Israel’s cities and regions: Eilat: Red Sea Jazz Festival, Henna tattoos, face painting The Negev: Shiatsu corner, art making with recycled materials Jerusalem: lotto, Wailing Wall, Hebrew word puzzles Rehovot: activities for children ages 10 and under Tel Aviv: café, cycling, flea market, Nahum Guttman-style paintings Zichron Ya’acov: collage and paper-making Haifa: children’s activities, story time Upper Galilee: bird mobiles, Israeli dancing
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Stick around for extra fun: 7:00 PM: Givat Halfon Eina Ona (screening of cult Israeli comedy) 7:30 PM: Pool party for all teens that volunteer at this event