Reception: "Symmetrism" Art Exhibit

By Lu JianJun
A highly regarded Chinese oil painter, Lu’s art reflects his belief that symmetry represents the balance of all things, the connection between heaven and earth, and the serenity of the human spirit.

Lu JianJun
is an oil painter, a scholar of Chinese ancient portraiture, and a master of oil painting technique. He graduated from the most prestigious University of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China and was a professor at Shandong Academy of painting in China.

Lu's paintings have been exhibited and awarded prizes in numerous Chinese and foreign art shows, attracting great attention from American's most significant private collectors.
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To schedule a viewing please call (650) 223-8699 or email
Exhibit Dates: Friday, November 2–Friday, January 4
Location: Cultural Arts Hall and Gym Lobby

Featuring musician Cheung, Wa Mandy
Date: Sunday, December 9
Time: 6:00–7:30 PM
Location: Schultz Cultural Arts Hall
Fee: Free event - please RSVP to Simcha Moyal at
Cheung Wa Mandy was born into an artist family in Chekiang, China. The artistic environment nurtured and enabled her success in the field of art and music early on. She learned to play various musical instruments at a young age.

She joined the Chekiang Shaosing Opera Troupe, starting her career as a performer. She held performances at various venues in different provinces and cities in China. She was invited to perform in programs aired by the Chekiang Television Broadcast Station. She was recognized as one of the best artists in China, received an award and was listed in the Chinese Who’s Who.

In addition to performing, she started to teach Pipa and Guzheng after she moved to Hong Kong. She became a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong. She was invited to perform in Japan, where she had a successful tour. She also toured in Europe. Some of her performances were recorded by various TV crews. They were broadcast in Italy, Korea, Hungary and the US.

She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she continues to perform and teach. Many of her students won awards at competitions. She's been performing on events with Bogofusion presented by Boris Goldmund Productions, Inc.She also had many performances at California's Great America, de Young Museum, San Francisco City Hall, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Oakland Museum of California, and Oakland Asian Cultural Center.