Zang Talk

ZANG is a nonprofit organization that holds lectures on a monthly basis with four different successful and fascinating speakers from four completely different domains. Each speaker will give a short talk, roughly 10-15 minutes, about her or his professional lifework.

The speakers will be inspiring and creative in their field, from the local Israeli and Jewish communities in the Silicon Valley.

“Zang Talk” strives to strengthen and deepen the ties between the Israeli and Jewish American communities in the Silicon Valley, by hosting events using short lectures presented by great leading speakers in their domain.
Join us for these fascinating lectures:
Online Education
Technology has revolutionized music, movies, journalism, agriculture, and many more. In this talk, Koller will describe how we can use technology to provide anyone around the world with access to an educational experience that has so far been available only to a tiny few, and using this education to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in. Prof. Daphne Koller: Koller is the Rajeev Motwani Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, a MacArthur Fellowship recipient, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. She's also one of the founders of Coursera, an online education platform that offers real courses from the best universities to anyone, for free.
Coaching for real time performance
Mrs. Widmann-Levi will Explain why it is that she believes all of us can be singers. She will also talk on how to successfully finish a singing audition or any other interview in a matter of seconds.
Finally, we will enjoy hearing her unique singing skills. Mrs. Ronit Widmann-Levi: an Opera Singer with an extensive international career.
Widmann–Levy recently returned from a tour with Michael Tilson Thomas (the conductor and director of the SF symphony orchestra). To learn more, visit her website
Kid’s Start-Up
Danielle (11 years old) & Etay (Dad) will give parents the tools on how teach children how to manage their allowance in a smart, easy and fun way by using “Bankaroo” - a virtual bank. Danielle will share how she came up with the idea and helped with the design, and dad will explain how the tool works. Danielle and Etay: Father and daughter and founders of “Bankaroo” - a family start-up for you and your kids, that was created to help children learn how to manage their savings.
We are all affected by checkpoint security at airports. They make us stand in endless lines and remove our shoes and belts. They forbid traveling with dangerous items, such as... bottled water.
Mr. Margalit will talk about the threat which is the reason for checkpoint security being such an inconvenience and describe the up and coming technologies that promise to transform the checkpoint security experience into the smooth and touch-less dream that Hollywood has predicted it would be. Mr. Yotam Margalit is the VP BD at “Infrasign”.
Advance registration recommended.
Date: Sunday, November 18
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Schultz Cultural Arts Hall
Fee: $10 Members, $12 Non-Members
$17 at the door
Contact: ICC
(650) 223-8692